La Martin CAD. 23-5 Beyoglu
34600 Istanbul

Simya SANAT is an arts education company established in Istanbul in year 2005, with an ever growing network of dancers, artists, directors, musicians, photographers and art students in national and international wide. The company works in the field of performing arts; engaged in arts education, dance theater productions and organization of artistic and cultural events. Simya Sanat also gives lectures, workshops, and participate in conferences about its educational project ‘Meditative Dance’ both in Turkey and abroad.

With the aim of increasing the reach of artistic works and development of independent scene in Turkey, Simya Sanat organizes international festivals, seminars, conferences, meetings and stage work in collaboration with institutions from Europe and other parts of the world, as well as with universities and other international festivals in Europe and USA.

Dance, Performance Art, Playwriting, Theatre