521 Queensberry St
3051 North Melbourne Vic

Arts House is Melbourne’s centre for contemporary and experimental performance and interactive artforms, providing a nexus for cultural expression and social connection in a city environment. We champion independent artists’ practice, develop contemporary, experimental and participatory work, and engage audiences.

Arts House is based at North Melbourne Town Hall and is a program of the City of Melbourne. We invite artists and audiences to engage in the critical discussions of our times and we support the cycle of art making from creation, to presentation and distribution. We are a critical element of the cultural provision of a 21st century city; interrogating the role of art, culture and creativity while exploring the city’s relationship to the regions, the country and a global city network.

Arts House has a dynamic producing model which celebrates artists and foregrounds their contribution in all our works, seasons, events and approaches. Alongside our seasons of presentations, Arts House offers creative developments (CultureLAB), residencies, discussions, supper clubs and sometimes just a space to for local artists to research.

Arts House dreams, designs and offers a range of innovative and experimental processes and projects for our artists and audiences. Keynote projects include:

> An open-space camping trip for a cohort of experimental artists in communities and places beyond the city limits: TIME_PLACE_SPACE;
> GOING NOWHERE: A series of new works and international collaborations presented simultaneously on other sides of the globe without ever getting on a plane.
> IN YOUR HANDS: commissioning and producing 4 digital artworks using handheld technology and audience interactivity.
> REFUGE: A 5 year lab and residency to ask how artists can be involved in first wave community responses to natural disasters.

Arts House is the lead producer of two boutique biennial Festivals in collaboration with local arts organisations in Melbourne: DANCE MASSIVE (with Malthouse Theatre and Dancehouse) and the FESTIVAL OF LIVE ART (Footscray Community Arts Centre and Theatre Works).


Dance, New technologies, Performance Art, Site specific work, Theatre