1080 Brussels

CREW is a Belgian performance group, founded in Brussels in 1991 by Eric Joris. CREW operates on the border between art and science, between performance art and new technology. Artist Eric Joris develops his live-art projects in close collaboration with scientists and other artists. CREW's immersion-based performances put the spectator right into the heart of the experience, exploring and innovating the potential of immersivity and state-of-the-art interactive technology. The running thread in the work of CREW is Eric Joris'drive for a deeply rooted utopia: the search for a medium that both dissects and expands our experience.

CREW's creations range from one-to-one performances, staged performances and visual arts installations to scientific research set-ups and interventions in public spaces. CREW's work has been presented on stages across Europe, at large public events from Brussels to the Shanghai World Expo, and at scientific conferences in Europe, China and the U.S. In 13 years CREW has immersed thousands of people.

CREW is artistic partner in the EU-funded multidisciplinary research consortium Dreamspace, which develops tools that enable creative professionals to combine live performances, video and computer generated imagery in real time.

New technologies, Performance Art