Curved Street
DO2 PC43 Dublin

Pan Pan was founded in 1993 by artistic co-directors Aedín Cosgrove and Gavin Quinn. The company has created 42 new theatre and performance pieces, toured its work to the most prestigious festivals and venues worldwide, including BAM, the Lincoln Centre, the Kennedy Center, the Barbican, Hau Berlin, NCPA Beijing, Sydney and Melbourne Festivals, and received multiple national and international awards, including the Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh International Festival.

Pan Pan creates original performances that are accessible and engaging for diverse audiences. Using various artistic disciplines in unique combinations, we challenge the conventions of theatre. From initial concept to full production, we encourage collaboration, experimentation and originality in creative artists by providing the tools and opportunities to realize their artistic goals.

Since its inception Pan Pan has consistently examined and challenged the nature of its work and has resisted settling into well-tried formulas. Developing new performance ideas is at the centre of the company's mission, which is born from a desire to be individual and provide innovation in the development of theatre art. All the works created are original, either through the writing (original plays) or through an idiosyncratic response to established writings. Pan Pan tries to approach theatre as an open form of expression and has developed an individual aesthetic that has grown from making performances in a host of different situations and conditions. The theatre that Pan Pan creates is of a contemporary attitude.

Pan Pan has created 43 productions, worked with 91 different partners (80 of them international), played in 139 unique venues, had 72 festival presentations at 52 unique festivals worldwide.