Sankelmarksgade 5
1676 Copenhagen

Sisters Hope is a Nordic-based performance group and movement with an associated international troop of performers and creatives from various backgrounds. Sisters Hopeøs work unfolds at the intersection of performance art, research, activism and education, and it draws on immersion, intervention and intimate interactivity when manifesting their large-scale productions. They are currently working to manifest more sensuous and poetic environments and landscapes for being, being together and learning. Sisters Hope operate from their articulated vision of a 'Sensuous Society' that moves beyond economic rationality in a suggestion of a more sensuous and poetic mode of being in the world – Do also see the two TEDx talks on this subject: “Sensuous society” at TEDxCopenhagen (2013) and “Sensuous Learning” at TEDxUppsalaUniversity (2015). Sisters Hope has developed their own performance method – Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning rooted in the notion of a ’Poetic Self’; not a character, not a fiction, but inherent poetic potential. Sisters Hope also explores the connection between the sensuous and the sustainable – The aesthetic and the ecologic mind and body.