Passeig de la Ciutat de Mallorca,1, 6º1º
08016 Barcelona

PALOSANTO projects is a performing arts agency based in Barcelona, Spain and related to an residency space and rehearsal big studio called LA PICONERA. PALOSANTO’s primary focus is on helping companies and individuals produce performing art pieces and promoting their work national and international. We work on long term collaborations as well as on short term projects in order to supply specific artistic demands, and supporting new emergents artists. Currently, PALOSANTO is working with a diverse group of artists in Barcelona, Israel, Italy and Portugal to provide high quality services specially designed for their creative needs.

Our primary interest is in contemporary dance and theatre. PALOSANTO has produced a large range of original, and often alternative, artistic pieces.

PALOSANTO is a new organisation created after the experience with Agente129 which has a long history in the field of international performative arts and networking. We want to innovate and we are proud in our insight, integrity, and reliability.

PALOSANTO’s Mission:
Promote artists, projects, and productions as they branch out to national and international markets
Develop strong connections between institutions and artists, and promote community, collaboration and inclusion in all ways.
Invest in new markets to cultivate both domestic and international partnerships
Establish a practical and efficient infrastructure and try be the most horizontal, as an organization can be in terms of functionality and working with no Hierarchical way.

Cirque, Danse, Performance , Théâtre physique, Marionnette / Théâtre d'objets, Arts de la rue, Travail in situ, Théâtre, Théâtre jeune public