Strongarbh House
PA75 6AG Isle Of Mull, Argyll

Tourbook CIC is a new kind of arts organisation.

We’re a digital only community interest company that researches, designs and develops tools to support the people that make the touring of professional performing arts happen - performers and those that work with them - and programmers of many different kinds.

We believe that bespoke design and implementation of digital and data insights can help the performing arts be more accessible, more diverse, and better distributed - crossing borders and boundaries and enhancing people and places.

The Tourbook community is made up of those working across all the live artforms, working at any scale and at any stage of career. The platform enables them to showcase what they do, discover others and make connections in an open, transparent and supportive online marketplace.

Cirque, Danse, Théâtre musical, Nouvelles technologies, Performance , Théâtre physique, Marionnette / Théâtre d'objets, Arts de la rue, Travail in situ, Théâtre, Théâtre jeune public