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République Tchèque

For sixteen years, Nová síť has supported arts and live culture in the Czech Republic. It is an open cultural organisation which seeks to connect the regions of the Czech Republic with Prague and abroad. By all activities and projects, Nová síť contributes to the development of culture, decentralization, and development of civil society in the Czech Republic. The main projects by Nová síť are the Czech Cultural Network, the new theatre festival Malá inventura, technical education programme Art Gate behind the scenes, and the city cultural exchange between Prague and Berlin PRALIN.

1. What partners are we looking for:

International cultural organizations, networks and festivals:
- which are active in the field of contemporary independent theater with overlaps into related fields - performing arts, dance, visual art, media and so on.
- which are ficused on showcasing and circulating performances, networking (festival-sharing, idea-sharing, exchange of professionals) and other activities mainly linked to building an independent theater infrastructure.

2. What can IETM members expect from us:

- a through knowledge of the cultural and political environment in Czech Republic, Central-Eastern Europe (especially Visegrad).
- contacts to individuals and important organizations, ranging from independent to state organizations.

3. What we expect from IETM members:
New ideas and inspiration how it works in other countries. And particulary: partnership on the level of involvement in an international project - either existing or co-created.

4. How we work / how we connect individuals and organizations in networking activities:
Linking individuals and organizations is one of our main goals. To do this, we use a number of tools that are implemented in most of our projects.

The PRALIN project (in cooperation with LAFT Berlin - Performing Arts Programm, which bridges the independent scene in Prague and Berlin. Staff exchange program (exchange of professionals), hosting productions and delegations of professionals mainly in the framework of performing arts festivals.

The Art Projects Exchange within the Malá inventura Festival - an opportunity not only for artists to present their project to an international audience, which is composed of local and foreign professionals.

Czech Cultural Network - daily contact, touring, sharing performances, ideas, financial costs within the cultural network with 25 members
within the Czech Republic; 2 meetings of the members of the network each year within the CR and 1 abroad.

Danse, Nouvelles technologies, Performance , Théâtre physique, Marionnette / Théâtre d'objets, Théâtre, Autre