15 Florida Street
G42 9DW Glasgow

Kim Simpson set up Shift in 2011 to ask questions about contemporary life. Through performance, programmes, events, discussion and participation, Shift seeks to present, share and discuss important ideas, to support the development of artists, creative people and their worlds from any discipline, locally and internationally.

Shift works locally and sustainably: It’s a small, light organization that swells or shrinks depending on the needs of the project. We care about developing effective support systems for the people we work with, supporting sustainable practice and being connected to the place we are in. We care about the people that we meet and the environment that we inhabit. We also care about how we do things.

Shift works internationally: We live in an increasingly globalized world and Shift wants to be part of this world. It’s our aim to evolve a practice of being international that honours the commitment to being local and sustainable and to constantly question and assess the ways in which we do this.

Shift works across disciplines: With an attraction to the space between, we find ourselves seeking out opportunities to work across disciplines… not just in terms of art-form, but incorporating science, technology, design, architecture, cooking, politics…and more and more beyond.

Also… We’re evolving: We expect to change. We wish to remain responsive, flexible, engaged and interested and in order to do so we seek conversation, connection, to be challenged, questioned and criticized, to fail a little, to fail a lot and to reflect on everything we do.

And finally…: We are committed to diversity and want the people we work with to feel supported and empowered. That’s EVERYONE. We have myriad different relationships both formal and informal with people from all walks of life.

Cirque, Danse, Nouvelles technologies, Performance , Théâtre physique, Arts de la rue, Travail in situ