contrà san bortolo 17
36100 Vicenza

We alternate specific training sessions on stage (physical and vocal training) with rehearsals off-stage of all the plays written by us. We look around us, we “lose time” because of ineffable feelings and we try to transform them into written words first and then into images, or vice versa. We work through symbols and metaphors.

We face people’s looks. We perform out on the streets, defenceless. We put ourselves on display by rehearsing our shows in full view of passers-by in the display window of a vacant shop. Public ridicule and intimate pornography. Even though we still have our clothes on. We work on stillness. We use a lot of music in order to cover our breaths, but we also suddenly turn it off to listen to their sounds or to the sound of joints that start moving again.

The Company’s activities range from theatre shows to site-specific performances in squares, shop windows, pubs, clubs, art galleries, street stalls and ultimately anywhere.

Dramaturgie, Travail in situ, Théâtre, Théâtre jeune public