18 Kniaginya Klementina str.
1618 Sofia

Art Office is registered as a foundation for public benefit engaged with promotion and circulation of non-commercial productions of the performing arts (theatre, dance and music). It works with Bulgarian artists and their artistic production and has activities in Bulgaria and abroad.
Art Office also provides educational services, organization of cultural programs, consultations, and implements surveys and studies.
The main goals of Art Office are to influence the diversity and quality of Bulgarian cultural life by ensuring easier and wider access of the audience to a variety of contemporary art productions, and to foster the institutional and career development of Bulgarian artists, art groups and organizations by introducing professional art marketing practices for promotion and circulation of art productions;
The Art Office also aims to arouse, develop and maintain the interest of the audience in contemporary art works and attract the attention of young people, to stimulate the institutional development of the Bulgarian art scene and contribute to more varied and inventive art funding and methods, and to contribute to the promotion of Bulgarian art abroad.