Via Umberto Masotto 23
20133 Milano

Qui e Ora works at both national and international levels producing performances, programming, hosting residencies, organizing festivals, workshops and theatrical surveys. It was set up in 2008 between Milano and Bergamo thanks to the project Etre – Esperienze Teatrali di Residenza (Theatre-in-Residence Experiences). It is composed of artists that emerge from different experiences but have a similar poetical vision. The Company produces and works on self-written dramaturgy and collaborates with other artists (visual artists, writers, dancers, actors) to create new works hybridizing languages and visions.
Qui e Ora is creating culture and art with a visionary sense, with meticulous care for relationships and attention to participatory processes, we want this way of working and its spectacular products and its projects to invade Europe. Meeting Europe, for us, is meeting and mingling with other different artistic practises and visions for creating culture and art.
Qui e Ora is looking to do bilateral exchange: doing artistic practices, residencies and productions abroad, and reciprocally inviting guests from abroad to Italy.
"Beauty is the only remaining morality. Let’s protect it even though it is not so moral.
It is not worth living without beauty." (Bernard-Marie Koltès)

Danse, Nouvelles technologies, Performance , Théâtre physique, Dramaturgie, Travail in situ, Théâtre, Théâtre jeune public, Autre