1927, 72 Northdown Road
CT9 2RL Margate

1927 is a multi award winning London based performance company that specialise in combining performance and live music with animation and film to create magical filmic theatre. Celebrated at home and overseas, 1927, was founded in 2005 by Writer, Performer & Director Suzanne Andrade and Animator & Illustrator Paul Barritt. In 2006 Performer and Associate Esme Appleton and Performer, Composer & Musician Lillian Henley joined and in 2007 Producer Jo Crowley began collaborating with the company. At the heart of 1927's practice is the desire to explore the relationship between live performer and animation to create dynamic and innovative live theatre. Work combines spoken word, film, music, song and animation. The company aims to make these disparate element work in harmony by creating completely integrated and unique theatrical experiences which inspire, entertain and impress. 1927 has created a number of multi award winning shows that have toured to 42 countries across 6 continents

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