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Founded in 2006, Emanat, Institute for the Affirmation and Development of Dance and Contemporary Art, aims to gain recognition for contemporary dance through production, education and publishing. Emanat's vision emanates through its threefold structure and is made concrete by the intertwinement of its activities.

Network of choreographic practices
A network of different choreographic practices and generations of practitioners, Emanat is committed to supporting independent dance artists and other makers to make work, thus contributing to their artistic growth and the development of their artistic practice. Continued support to individual productions increases artists' public and professional visibility in the national and international contexts. Emanat runs an online Slovenian Choreographers Directory aimed at presenting domestic as well as foreign choreographers working in the field of contemporary dance in Slovenia. In an effort to provide systematic reflection on the methodology in Slovenian contemporary dance, Emanat organises expert discussions entitled Methodologies of Notation as a way to document choreographic practices in Slovenia.

Meeting point of experiences
Emanat's activities bring together a variety of experiences and ways of working, with which the art of dance enacts and enhances its creative structures. Emanat is the producer of the ongoing hit show The Image Snatchers, developed since 2013 by The Feminalz, a group of makers and performers exploring “feminist postdramatic burlesque” with cutting-edge humour and insight. Interest in the 'small arts' has led to a 2018 launch of the Syndicate of Outlandish Entities, a platform for edgy urban genres aimed at showcasing both local and international production. Emanat also runs an independent online record label Kamizdat releasing music across a range of electronic genres, featured regularly also in the label's concert series Rentgen.

Pivot of knowledge
Emanat seeks to provide and disseminate information about contemporary dance with professional and general audiences through education and publishing. Filling the gap in institutional contemporary dance programmes, it organises regular classes for professional dancers Contemporary Dance Practicum as well as workshops for children Little Dance Room and an intensive voice training programme Voice Workshop. Emanat's publishing programme aims to publish original and translated works that inform or connect with the field of dance in different ways. The online music label Kamizdat operates across a range of electronic genres, focusing on releasing works by local artists under the Creative Commons licence.

Danse, Théâtre musical, Nouvelles technologies, Performance , Théâtre physique, Travail in situ, Théâtre