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Have your say on the EU future budget

The current long-term budget of the European Union, (the EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)), will cover the period until 2020. This year, the European institutions negotiate the post-2020 MMF and the next generation of funding programmes which will be financed by the EU, including the programme for culture. The European Commission will table its comprehensive proposal for the post-2020 MFF in May 2018.

Brexit is expected to leave a major hole in the EU finances, and there will be a strong pressure on the EU budget in the areas which were not an EU priority in the past, such as migration, border control and security.

On 8-9 January, during the EU High-Level Conference on MMF “Shaping Our Future”, the Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Günther Oettinger stressed the need of a future EU budget, which prioritises only those programmes which bring an EU added value. He also announced that the two programmes which are secured from the budget cuts so far are Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+. 

The Commission is launching a series of public consultations covering all the major spending areas to gather views from all interested parties “on how to make the most of every euro of the EU budget”. 

This specific consultation is on the EU funds in the area of values and mobility, and it is open for the cultural and media stakeholders, among others. 
By filling in this survey, we can increase the chance that the EU added value of the cultural sector is recognised and reflected in the future EU budget. Please have your say until the 8th of March and share the survey as widely as possible.