06 octobre 2016 - 09 octobre 2016
06 octobre 2016 - 09 octobre 2016

Décoloniser les arts



Il n'y a rien de surprenant à ce que la discussion sur le colonialisme d'hier et le néo-colonialisme d'aujourd'hui fasse surface lorsque nous parlons des arts dans la région arabe. Que les artistes et les professionnels le tolèrent ou non, le colonialisme et le postcolonialisme influencent bel et bien la production et la diffusion artistiques. L'importé ou l'indigène ? La langue étrangère ou la langue locale ? L'exotique ou l'authentique ? Quelles inégalités de pouvoir vaut-il mieux ne pas négliger dans le cadre d'une collaboration ? Les différences peuvent-elles se transformer en compromis plutôt qu'en barrières, contribuant ainsi à créer un discours commun ?

Jisr El Wati
7 octobre, 2016 - 10:00 - 11:30

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image of Jumana Al-yasiri

This session will address local and global representations of historical violence, narratives and counternarratives, identity(ies), language(s), memory, testimony, geopolitics and geo-aesthetics, policies of culture, imbalances of power, catastrophism, and neo-Orientalism…
The idea isn’t to discuss the post-colonial realities of the region - as what happened right after the end of material and physical colonialism; but rather “postcolonialism”, as what seems to be a never-ending socio-cultural predominance of a specific discourse written by/for global powers and addressing the expectations of specific audiences (or not?).
Join us for this open discussion on how these stories are told and by whom? The role of the artist in the transcription of History? The one that he/she witnessed, but also the one he/she heard about. And the place of Arab arts in the global history of the arts, especially in our current times, mainly described as ‘’dark’’, ‘’medieval’’, not to say ‘’apocalyptical’’. Syrian-Lebanese artist and poet, Etel Adnan, says: ‘’Our battle is cultural’’. Our battle against global powers, but also within our own societies.
How can we as artists and arts practitioners contribute to building a new ‘’Tomorrow’’ we're all longing for? A “Tomorrow”, hopefully free of all sorts of global and local oppressions, as naive as this might sound.

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