02 décembre 2020 - 03 décembre 2020
02 décembre 2020 - 03 décembre 2020

Working groups



In this session, different working groups will explore relationships between artists, the arts ecosystem and the planet and think about the actions needed in response to the climate crisis.

Working with ideas about our values, behaviour, inclusiveness and sense of justice introduced by the previous session’s speakers as well as the dimensions of the climate problem discussed in the meeting’s preparation notes, the working groups will explore how the performing arts sector could mitigate the effects of climate change, adapt to the future environment, and positively influence and lead change.

With the 3 dimensions of the climate problem introduced by the preceding panel in mind, delegates will divide into working groups on Mitigation, Adaptation and Artistic Influence.

1. Mitigation

We know that for a more eco-friendly society we, also as a cultural scene, have to do a lot and we have to do it now. These two things contradict one another, creating a pressure on us, where we feel, our contribution cannot be enough and we easily might give up entirely. In this working group we aim to share best practices, good examples of what we can do, what we can change even today, how we can start this enormous work. 

However these steps might look small, but these are the ones, which are creating the first momentum. We believe that, as in physics, also in adaptation to a more eco-friendly cultural scene, get things moving is the hardest and if we are already in the move, if we have this momentum, it is easier to keep moving or even to speed up.

Moderator: Barna Petrányi

2. Adaptation

How will the performing arts adapt to cope with the impact of climate change? How can we minimise the impact of climate change on our work, and how can we take advantage of new opportunities that present themselves?

In this group, we will imagine practical and philosophical responses that the performing arts can make, to adapt to a world in which the impact of climate change is a reality and is affecting our daily lives.

We will share case studies from our own work as well as inspiring examples we have come across, imagine how we might work together to adapt our work for this new reality, and examine how international networks like IETM will need to change but can also be a vehicle for positive adaptation and evolution.

Moderator: Tom Creed

3. Artistic influence

Starting from the idea that the arts can lead and inspire change, this group will think about how art can play a key role in influencing narratives regarding climate change. How can art shift our perspective towards our social practices and inspire positive change both in the arts sector and in society at large?

One thing is how we structure production frames in times of climate change – walking the talk on a practical level. But in what ways can we work with the art itself – both content and form – without lecturing but still hoping to affect people to change behaviour? Behaviour is what creates culture, so how can this central aspect of human culture – the arts – be part of the many needed small and bigger changes?

Moderator: Christine Fentz

This online session will be automatically captioned in English and translated into 16 languages by Wordly.ai. 

The link to connect to this session will be sent to registered participants close to the meeting date.
2 décembre, 2020 - 14:10 - 15:10

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