Russian Case programme

Russian Case is inviting to register for its first online programme.

The Russian Case is traditionally addressed to representatives of international theatre festivals and projects, theatre critics and journalists, to all foreign colleagues who are professionally interested in Russian theatre. Since 2000, the Russian Case has been annually presenting a programme of the most interesting premieres of the previous and current theatre seasons. This year the Russian Case Programme will again become an important part of the Golden Mask Festival and will once again reconfirm that art easily crosses borders.

RC-2021 will take place from April 1 to April 6 and will be held online, for the first time in the Project’s history and will feature 25 new productions. 20 productions (out of 25) with English subtitles will be continually available on video from 12 pm April 1 to 9 pm April 6 (Moscow time). The Russian Case programme will include daily Zoom discussions between April 1 and April 6 from 1 p.m. till 3 p.m. (Moscow time).

RC-2021 will remain a territory of dialogue between Russian and world theatre, a platform for professional communication, exchange of information and experience.

Who can register?


  • are involved in international theatre festivals and touring activities;
  • are an initiator and/or producer of international theatre projects and collaborations;
  • write about theatre in the media in your country;
  • have Russian theatre as a focus of your professional interest
  • Registration is open until March 30.

To register for RC-2021 click

More information about the programme

You may direct questions concerning registration to [email protected]