Manifesto Poetico
Manifesto Poetico - Carlos Garcia Estevez

New Collaboration with Manifesto Poetico

With Manifesto Poetico we start a new collaboration aimed to redirect their projects towards the circuits of performing arts production and exhibition, and design a new mobility plan.

Manifesto Poetico comes from the 20 years of research and productions of its founder and artistic director Carlos García Estévez (Spain). His projects have been hosted and performed around the world. Carlos has taught, performed and directed in over 20 countries, 40 American Universities, in L’École Jacques Lecoq and regularly in the Laboratory for the Study of Movement (L.E.M.) at L’École Jacques Lecoq where he is an associate artist. This experience and theatre research is supported by the Assistant Director, Paige Allerton (Canada), theatre maker and anthropologist who brings local investigatory processes, with collaborative, ground-up dramaturgy to the Laboratory.

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