24 octobre 2019 - 27 octobre 2019
24 octobre 2019 - 27 octobre 2019



La session Newsround consiste en une série de brèves présentations des projets actuels des membres et des participants locaux. Cet espace vous permet de trouver vos futurs partenaires, de bénéficier d’un aperçu des projets en cours et de partager de nouveaux modèles de coopération ainsi que les meilleurs pratiques au sein du réseau.

Les inscriptions pour présenter au Newsround sont closes depuis le 27 septembre.

Surtitrage en direct en anglais.

Veuillez consulter l'accessibilité de ce lieu sur cette page.

Neboder Hotel
Ul. Strossmayerova 1
25 octobre, 2019 - 14:00 - 14:45

Share your ideas


image of Vahid Evazzadeh

Hi Everyone 
Look forward to see you at the Newsround session. Just a quick info about what I will be presenting there. 


The Counter Institute is looking for partners For Exit Lear prject in Belgium and UK. But we are  also open to possibilities elsewhere in Europe. 

Exit Lear is a multifaceted performance project about Political Foolery. It brings in dance, theater, music and storytelling to explore and convey experiences of political division and unity. We aiming to plan six residencies in six different cities. In each city The Counter Institute works with local artists and local citizens to create a new version of Exit Lear and share it the audience in all these locations. In addition to the performance, we organize various activities such as seminars, master classes, screening films, lecture etc. for the public in each city.

Exit Lear is a large-scale project, developing in 2020/22. It offers employment, internship, training and professional development to tens of individual and engages hundreds of citizens and reaches thousands of audience in each location.

We have previously produced two international projects (HamletZar & The Maids) with the same ethos, method and scale which were supported by Art Council England, Danish Arts Foundation etc. We rely on past experience and network to insure the success of Exit Lear.


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