Cultural Relations Platform

03 juin 2020 - 31 décembre 2021


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The Cultural Relations Platform (CRP) is an EU-funded project launched in April 2020, designed to support the European Union to engage in international cultural relations. IETM is part of the four-organisation consortium implementing the platform, together with Goethe-Institut Brussels, ECF - European Cultural Foundation and the Università degli Studi di Siena.

The project is related in many aspects to the previous Cultural Diplomacy Platform (2016-2020). It provides a renewed approach based on a set of shared principles and new activities, aiming to promote and facilitate sustainable cultural exchanges, people-to-people activities, and co-creation processes between Europeans and citizens from countries all over the world.

The CRP has a global geographic coverage and its activities range from policy support for EU Institutions to supporting cooperation between European and global cultural and creative sectors as well as strengthening communities of practitioners through dedicated trainings and enhanced exchanges.

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