Malgré les défis du COVID-19, 2020 a probablement été l'une des années les plus actives de l'histoire de l'IETM. Ce rapport présente un aperçu complet de toutes nos activités, événements,...Read more
Despite the challenges of COVID-19, 2020 was probably one of the busiest years in IETM’s history. This report presents a comprehensive overview of all our activities, events, publications, projects...Read more
Polarization is a widespread problem, including in prosperous countries, so it seems. For those who don't live in one of the richest countries in the world, which the Netherlands still is, this may sound like insane absurdity. But discontent is growing everywhere.
The Covid-19 crisis has proved devastating for the cultural and creative sectors. IETM's Head of Policy and Research Elena Polivtseva connects the impacts of the pandemic to a longer-term failure to adequately address the working conditions of cultural professionals, calling for EU action to help protect the sector’s future.
The European Commission and stakeholders published a new study that sheds light on the status and working conditions of artists, cultural and creative professionals.
In this Declaration from the European Theatre Forum 2020 co-written by IETM, we address the current challenges faced by theatre and the performing arts and put forward eight policy recommendations and actions to strengthen these sectors in the years ahead.
This short report summarises the key findings of our On the Road Munich, organised in collaboration with Meta Theater on 24 October 2020, both online and on-site in the Pasinger Fabrik in Munich, Germany.
La dernière année avant les années vingt fut sans aucun doute une année spéciale. Ce rapport présente une vue d'ensemble de toutes nos activités, événements, publications, projets et actions de...Read more
The last year before the twenties was for sure a special one. This report presents a comprehensive overview of all our activities, events, publications, projects and advocacy actions that happened in...Read more
This publication sheds some light on the different IETM events and publications which brought attention to the IDEA topic, and gives voice to six IETM members who each in their unique way describe their stance on inclusion.


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