European Theatre Forum 2020

The “European Theatre Forum 2020: European Performing Arts in Focus” (11-13 November) is an international platform for vision, discourse, exchange, networking and policymaking. Announced in July 2020, the “European Theatre Forum 2020: European Performing Arts in  Focus” will gather for the first time 200 theatre and performing arts representatives and  policy makers. Together, they will create a vital representation for the entire sector, within and outside Europe.

This Joint Research Centre report on COVID-19 and cultural and creative sectors identifies highly vulnerable cultural jobs and creative cities.
David Pledger argues that a UBI requires a leap of imagination for Australian artists, out of the tactics of servitude and survival and into the heart of a strategy that can deliver a vision for all.

Cultural Relations Platform

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The Cultural Relations Platform (CRP) is an EU-funded project launched in April 2020, designed to support the European Union to engage in international cultural relations. IETM is part of the four-organisation consortium implementing the platform, together with Goethe-Institut Brussels, ECF - European Cultural Foundation and the Università degli Studi di Siena.

Les mesures mondiales de confinement ont généré une vague de numérisation, qui a sans l'ombre d'un doute emporté les arts du spectacle avec elle. Il n'est pourtant pas évident pour ce secteur de...Read more
Global lockdown measures have generated a wave of digitalisation, and the performing arts have undoubtedly been pulled in with it. As it is not that obvious for the live arts to jump from the real...Read more
In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we call on the national governments to take measures to safeguard the long-term viability of the cultural and creative sectors.
In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, ISACS circulated a survey among their members to ascertain the impact of same on their livelihoods.


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