Social Media Toolkit for Cultural Managers


Social media poses a challenge to all cultural and artistic institutions, no matter what the size. Keeping the world informed about what we do across four or five digital platforms is overwhelming, especially when resources are limited. Social media can feel like a never-ending performance, a never-ending search for more likes and shares and tweets and comments.

If it were a real relationship, it would be like a never-ending round of applause and soon feel absurd. What if there was a dierent way? What if we could take control of those timelines and really know what we are doing? What if, by learning to concentrate on finding the ‘human’ in technology, we provided something of real value? A way of developing audiences closer to the art is the aim of this ICCE guide. To bring people closer together and to learn the art of social media without it becoming exhausting.

Gerald Lidstone, Director of the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths

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