Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future


The 6th issue of our Fresh Perspectives publication series Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future explores the issues at stake when designing a mixed reality experience in the context of theatre and performance. 

The publications features a selection of projects describing in detail the artistic design processes, as well as the challenges and opportunities brought about by the use of mixed reality technologies.

Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future is written by Joris Weijdom, a researcher and designer of theatrical mixed reality experiences, and published by IETM, in partnership with the professorship in Performative Processes of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

The publication is divided in two parts. In section 1 the curator of this publication, Joris Weijdom underpins the matters that are vital while creating a mixed reality experience. Using a witty style and practical examples, the text is appetizing for both total beginners and advanced users. In section 2 fellow practitioners from different countries share their own experiences, give practical insights into their practices, and share their learnt lessons, tips, and possibilities for development and collaborations. Ranging from dating with a cyborg in public space to streamed mocap dance performance from different locations all the way to fully immersive theatrical virtual reality installation.

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