Missing diamonds: I need my share


President Robert Mugabe’s statements that about $15 billion raised from diamond sales was missing has inspired veteran theatre producer and actor Silvanos Mudzvova to pen a one-man, 45-minute play titled Missing Diamonds, I Need My Share.

​Police arrested the actor on 13 April 2016 in Harare for staging his new one man play in front of the Parliament building. The actor was threatened during interrogation by senior police officers but that will not stop him from demanding his share of the missing loot.

Mudzvova is asking critical questions to Government, Chinese embassy, mbada diamonds where is my share? Where the share of the poverty stricken, dust laden, and hunger ravaged rural Zimbabwe? Where is the share of overtaxed   Zimbabwean civil servants? Where is the share of poverty tossed and age eaten war combatants? Where is the share the hawkers who have the spinal cord of the Zimbabwean economy? Where is the share of the Marange, Zimunya community? I want my share!

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