Climate Change and the Arts


I have worked in arts and culture for 15 years wearing a range of hats from producing projects to developing audiences in different countries. More recently, reading for an MSc in Gender and International Relations and working with organisations focused on social justice, activism, human security, women’s empowerment, conflict resolution, the environment and social enterprise, my appreciation has galvanized for cultural diplomacy and the importance of addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Culture is a powerful tool for change to educate, influence and empower individuals. Interconnections between culture and the change required to achieve the SDGs are my preoccupation, as a writer and cultural activist. Creativity, campaigning and climate change are connected. I explored this relationship in March 2017 as the recipient of a scholarship to participate in Creative Climate Leadership, the first international leadership programme for creatives passionate about climate change, by Julie’s Bicycle.

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