Impact of COVID-19 on the Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle sector


In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, ISACS circulated a survey among our members to ascertain the impact of same on their livelihoods. We received a response rate of 50% of our current live membership.

It is our hope that in times of crisis such as these, that new partnerships, new visions and new approaches can be formed which are based on mutual understanding, human connection and partnerships.

Further Key Items identified for possible action:

  • Develop a new R&D fund for artists to invest in self-development, artistic growth, inspiration, books, subscriptions, online training/mentoring sessions/programmes with artistic collaborators, influencers, creators, champions
  • Improve pay and conditions of all artists as a whole
  • Extend the scope of the Professional Artists Job seekers allowance
  • Invest in the development of artists websites
  • Develop a future Arts emergency crisis fund for moments like these in order to be in a position to react quickly
  • Ask the Irish Government to ensure that insurers bear their share of the load in dealing with their customers in the current COVID-19 crisis esp regarding business interruption claims, pauses, rebates and extensions of policies temporarily not required
  • Make sure urgent insurance reform is addressed in the forthcoming programme for government in Ireland
  • Ensure a robust arts budget is allocated in the next Irish Government budget allocations
  • Develop further interdepartmental ways of working – dept of culture, education, sports, tourism, heritage, family, social, community, rural, Gaeltacht, justice etc.
  • Provide an additional support fund for outdoor public celebration which champions community and connections in a large way for the months after we return to the world that we once knew and we can all sing, dance and share the same space together once more.

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