Equal rights, not special rights – new study calls for improved working conditions for artists


At the heart of the cultural and creative industries are people. Artists and cultural professionals innovate, inspire, entertain and challenge norms, their creations constantly energising people and the economy. While the role of music, books and films in our lives may be vivid and evident, the labour that goes into making these products often remain under-recognised and undercompensated.

A new UNESCO study Culture & Working Conditions for Artists uncovers persisting and emerging challenges artists and cultural professionals face and examines how countries around the world are addressing these issues through policymaking. The study is based on a quadrennial global survey conducted in 2018 on the impact of the Recommendation concerning the Status of the Artist, designed to track developments and identify emerging trends related to the status of the artist: over 90 responses from UNESCO Member States and non-governmental organisations were received.

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