“Sofia? Isn’t that in Bucharest? A square or something? - No man, Sofia is THE capital of Bucharest.” (Geographical dispute at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden.)

The artistic scene in Sofia is very much alive but not so well known by IETM members. This IETM Caravan will take you to Bulgaria, during a very important time for it's local independent artists. A time that will define the future of the independent scene in Bulgaria.

You will discover different artists with different ideas in various places in Sofia, which has not been recognised as an artistic hub yet. But this is about to change and you will have the opportunity to meet the people who are working on it now. IETM member ACT Association is the local partner in organising this meeting with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sofia Municipality. During this meeting you will enjoy various performances, meet new people, discover new spaces and possibilites for new collaborations.

The Caravan is limited to 20 foreign participants and we are looking into possibilities to host you for a very limited budget.

The detailed programme and the registration process will be announced early autumn, but for now save the dates: 16-20 November!

We look forward to seeing you in Sofia!