01 December 2019 to 31 December 2021

The Gender and Power Relations topic encompasses a lot of complex issues, both in society and more specifically in the cultural sector. We and the SHIFT partners decided to focus on sexual harassment in the cultural and creative sectors.

The global movement of #MeToo, which started in 2017, increased awareness and empowered employees across the globe to report sexual harassment and other inequalities in the workplace. #MeToo brought to the surface the vulnerability and a lack of effective protection mechanisms of anyone facing power abuse, regardless of age, class and gender.

Numerous studies and extensive research – made before #MeToo – have for years cast light on the magnitude of harassment and gender-based violence in the workplace and called for structural and institutional changes, in many places in the world. It still remains to be seen whether the wave of empowerment brought by #MeToo will have a lasting impact on professional and societal culture. For that to happen, the leaders of the SHIFT Cultural Networks believe focus needs to move away from victims to structures.

IETM is the lead partner of the SHIFT Gender and Power Relations Package. In the framework of SHIFT, we will aim to draw light on solutions and good practices cultural structures, organisations as well as pioneering individuals have developed in the last year to battle sexual harassment and empower those abused. 

Via qualitative research, mapping and production of a toolkit, the partners aim to provide networks and organisations with useful tools to strengthen their own inner strategies on the matter.

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