20 April 2017 to 23 April 2017
20 April 2017 to 23 April 2017

How to save Europe?



As populist sentiments surge across the continent, multiple economic and social challenges have driven the EU into a grip of depression. Discouraging diagnoses - "existential crisis", "new Dark Ages", "a critical time" – are frequently declared by European policy-makers, yet no cure has been proposed. What is our power as artists to envisage and inspire a new - bold and plausible - European narrative? Are we too polite, and are we political enough? What actions should be taken to safeguard the relationship between artists and the EU?

National Theatre Bucharest - Cloakroom
Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu 2
21 April, 2017 - 10:00 to 13:00

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