06 October 2016 to 09 October 2016
06 October 2016 to 09 October 2016

Conflicts, ethics and aesthetics



Apprehending the ways conflicts are represented in the artistic process and the underlying ethical questions is a complex matter not only for artists and professionals but also for the audience. What sets the line between pure artistic representation on an aesthetic basis and the ethical repercussions and connotations of an artwork in conflict zones? What aspect should prevail? Is art a critical, transformative social practice? Or is it a creative and self-reflective form of expression? What role should cultural professionals play in the course of supporting creativity as a fundament of the arts? 

Jisr El Wati
7 October, 2016 - 14:15 to 15:45

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Here's some information about Highlight Arts (who I work with), which works in collaboration with artists in areas in times of conflict:

Posted 3 years 4 months ago
image of Daniel Gorman

And in case of interest, here's an IETM report I wrote on Art and Politics, which touches on some of the points we'll be looking at in this discussion:

Posted 3 years 4 months ago