14 April 2016 to 17 April 2016
14 April 2016 to 17 April 2016

Excursion Cycling Amsterdam North



The North of Amsterdam, located on the other side of the river IJ, is a part of the city in which many transitions have taken place in the last few years. As a former socially deprived area, it is now fast turning into one of the hip and emergent neighbourhoods. Culture has played an important role in its development. Nowadays the big money of some city developers and investors is taking over, especially along the banks of the river. Different cultural organisations unite to cooperate on the issues of gentrification that are arising all around, and their influence is growing -  locally and through the whole city. Three of the organisations, Over het IJ Festival, Company New Heroes, and the Tolhuistuin, will guide you through the area to meet different artists and companies, and get to know the area – its failures and successes. 

You will be guided by “The Village”, a start-up project of Company New Heroes. This online platform/application explores new ways of telling stories in public space by combining offline experiences with specially developed mobile technology.

A preview of the performance Blaas (30 min) by Schweigman& will also be part of the excursion.
An empty space. At the back of the great hall, across a gleaming white floor, lies something that gently rises into the air and falls again softly. It looks like it’s breathing, growing, coming to life. Can it see us, as we can see it? Can it hear us? Does it want to play? Or is it trying to get rid of us?
Blaas is a journey exploring boundaries and space, passing through inside and out, light and dark; playful and threatening. Blaas is a magical trip, an extraordinary ballet of almost abstract configurations.
The full performance Blaas is part of the evening program.

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Meeting point: Ferry dock NDSM Veer, behind Central Station
De Ruijterkade 10
1011 AA
the Netherlands
14 April, 2016 - 11:00 to 15:00

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Elise and I will try to get on time because we are arriving to the city at 10. If we are not there at 11 please leave without us.
Thanks for your understanding

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