14 April 2016 to 17 April 2016
14 April 2016 to 17 April 2016

Creative Producing / New Environments for learning



The department for Production and Stage Management of the Amsterdam Theaterschool in collaboration with the Graduate School and the Master Creative Producing of the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama University of London, are organizing the 4th international symposium: Creative Producing / New environments for learning. After developing a better understanding of the role of the Creative Producer in the first three symposia, this edition is dedicated to innovative study programs and research in the field of producing, programming and curating. Both education and the professional practice have a key function in developing new values and methods to provoke transitions in the performing arts, therefore we deliberately bring them into dialogue with each other. All IETM participants are very welcome to join this symposium. 

Organisers: Production and Stage Management of the Amsterdam Theatre school, the Graduate School, Master Creative Producing of the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama University of London

Graduate School, Grootlab
Overhoeksplein 2
1031 KS
the Netherlands
14 April, 2016 - 10:00 to 14:00

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Dear members and friends of IETM,

we are delighted to invite you to the 4th international symposium organised by the department for Production and Stage Management of the Amsterdam Theaterschool in collaboration with the Graduate School and the Master Creative Producing of the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama University of London: CREATIVE PRODUCING / NEW ENVIRONMENTS FOR LEARNING. Having explored the role of the Creative Producer in three earlier symposia, this edition is dedicated to the ways in which Industry and higher education can best work in partnership together to develop new work and new models of practice.

The first part of the symposium is open for professional public and a side-meeting of the plenary meeting of IETM in Amsterdam. The second part on April 14/15 is closed, and dedicated to the exchange between several international programs and platforms that offer education for Creative Producers. Among them the master Creative Producing: Entrepreneurship in the Arts, that is currently under development at the Graduate School of de Theaterschool.

Program on Wednesday April 14, 2016
Graduate School, Grootlab, Amsterdam Noord, Overhoeksplein 2

Globally, the neo liberal market principles are impacting on the arts. Everywhere partnerships, collaborations and co-productions are emerging to meet the needs of organisations to share the risk in developing new and innovative work. The program explores how collaborations between theatres and universities can benefit both partners. This asks for new skills of the producers and programmers in the arts and potentially new programs to educate our future producers and programmers. In this first part of the meeting we are scanning the horizon for prototypes of new collaborations between the Industry and higher education, and we are asking: How can Industry and higher education work in partnership to address these challenges and together create work that would not be possible alone?

In this context of declining of government funding and free market principles, we have invited three key speakers from three different contexts - in the Netherlands, the UK and the US - to offer models of professional collaboration:

The Netherlands
In the Netherlands the Industry had to deal with a huge cut in governmental funding in 2011 and the Industry itself is reacting on the new situation with educational programs for producers. In 2015 Festival Cement created ‘De Metselarij’, a platform for upcoming business directors and creative producers. This one-year program is dedicated to exchange knowledge and examine the profession. In this talk the organization will share their first experiences.

The UK
In UK, as government funding for the arts has declined, higher education and professional theatres have found new ways to work successfully together to take risks and create and sustain new work. Our guest Jessica Bowles, Course Leader for MA / MFA Creative Producing, CSSD, will present a case study of partnership which has recently been developed for Roundhouse London.

The US
In the US, governmental funding was declined since the eighties. Institutions find themselves in a totally different position and their situation is a possible example for our future European situation. Our guest Rebecca Habel, lecturer ‘Theater Organization’ at NYU-Tisch School of the Arts - Department of Drama, will explore the current situation in the US and the development of a specific educational programme, which is created as a response to the needs in the Industry.

10.00- 11.00 Contributions by guest speakers Andrea van Wingerden (De Metselarij/Cement Festival, Den Bosch), Jessica Bowles (Central School of Speech and Drama, London), Rebecca Habel (Tisch School of the Arts, New York)
11.00-11.15 Break
11.15-12.45 Panel discussion
12.45-13.30 Lunch

For more information please contact [email protected]

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image of Marijke Hoogenboom

Get inspired!
You can see a 20-min video compilation of the symposium in 2014 at the website of the Theaterschool.

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FOR THOSE THAT JOIN US TOMORROW: there is a large event Innovation Expo in front of our venue in Amsterdam Noord, there will also be extra ferries to manage the traffic, so BE IN TIME and work your way through the crowd, we place extra signs and guides... once you are in Grootlab, it will be fine!

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