05 November 2015 to 08 November 2015
05 November 2015 to 08 November 2015

"The Conditions of Being a Mortal" (A halandóság feltételei) - Hodworks



With Conditions of Being a Mortal Hodworks has been selected Priority Company by Aerowaves and programmed at the 2015 Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival as well as dunaPart3 Hungarian Showcase of Contemporary Performing Arts.

The brave and innovative choreographer of the Hungarian scene Adrienn Hód presented her new creation in September 2014. The Lábán Rudolf Prize-winning company, Hodworks, with the talented dancers known from previous pieces (The way my father imagined it all, Dawn) and dramaturg Ármin Szabó-Székely, explore new sides of their creativity.

After the stripped-down, radical corporality of Dawn (2013), Adrienn Hód's new production is physicality woven into a chain of emotions. The subconscious opens in a trance invoked by continuous movement. Splinters of sexuality, arias of impulsive gasps, a game of robust yet refined and sensitive humour, negating taboos. The torsos of four dancers rendered as a tangling of their inner histories. A negotiation between heaven and earth, and a triumph over prosaic urban reality.

"The piece runs out of invention rather than steam, but maybe the point is to rub our faces in humanity’s cyclical behaviour patterns, juvenilia and gross excess. This willingness to go so skilfully, wackily ape-shit is very winning"

Donald Hutera (18.04.2015.), Spring Back review

„Hód’s work is a parody of styles using yet travestying the painfully blatant clichés of opera and theatre (first scene), and the mannerism of classical ballet (third scene). She is sparklingly playful with kitsch (second scene) while strongly building on the primary and raw brutality of the dancers’ existence on stage–dancers get wild and Hód seems to bring forward some of their faces that have never been seen before.”

Csaba Králl, (14.10.2014.), revizoronline.hu

"Adrienn Hód is a creative choreographer who, when she stumbles, always does so forwards. What is more, nowadays she does not really stumble at all. "

"The performance is engulfed by encounters in an existence with no stoppers, by the acceptance of playing with others and with ourselves, and by unconditional trust."

Ákos Török (16.09.2014), 7ora7.hu

"Hód’s work tends to uncover her unique working method which in a way equals her work itself–its transparency covers secrets, its matureness remains open yet harbors some exciting and proliferous uncertainties. The superb quartet of performers is unified yet each character can shine, the dancers feel and live the piece and themselves within and through the piece."

Márta Péter, (11.09.2014), tanckritika.hu

Performers: Marcio Canabarro, Emese Cuhorka, Júlia Garai, Csaba Molnár
Music consultant: Zoltán Mizsei
Consultant: Zsolt Sőrés
Dramaturgy: Ármin Szabó-Székely 
Choreography: Adrienn Hód
Music: Franz Liszt
Supported by: Ministry of Human Resource (H), National Cultural Fund (H), Budapest City IX. district, New Performing Arts Foundation (H), Workshop Foundation (H), SÍN Cultural Center (H), OFF Foundation (H), Mediterranean Dance Center San Vincenti (HR)

MU Színház
Kőrösy József u. 17
7 November, 2015 - 20:00 to 20:45

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