The season closing presented itself as a discussion among the IETM members who moderated the national and regional digital talks during the global lockdown period.

Vahid Evazzadeh, The Counter Institute, UK

Clara Giraud, Independent Project Manager, UK  
Tom Creed, Independent theatre and opera Director, Ireland
Frédéric Poty, Compagnie Ezechiel Garcia-Romeu, France
Cristina Carlini, InTeatro, Italy
Bruno Costa, Bussola, Portugal
Rachel Feuchtwang, Feuchtwang Projects, the Netherlands
Katja Sonneman, Independent Producer, Germany
Susanne Naess Nielsen, Dansearena nord, Norway
Zane Estere Gruntmane, Pigeon Bridge, Latvia
Pippa Bailey, Independent Producer, Australia
Esther Charron, Pôles magnétiques, Canada
Barbara Pocek, Gledalisce Glej, Slovenia