02 May 2019 to 05 May 2019
02 May 2019 to 05 May 2019

MIM - The Medium is the Massage - Jacques-André Dupont



MIM is a touch choreography. It uses interpersonal touch as a form of expression and offers an intimate experience, in which sound and touch guide the participants through an immersive journey, where senses merge into new combinations, altering their state, connecting body and mind into abstract realms.

At the intersection of art and well-being, touch choreography is a contemporary art form created by the French-Colombian media artist Jacque-André Dupont, who is interested in exploring the relationship between body, technology and choreography. The experience is open to a group of spectators who will be part of the touch choreography and a small group of spectators who will attend the performance.

Genre: Performance
Price: €15 / €10 for under 25, over 65, Touring Club members and Fattoria Vittadini members.

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Concept: Jacques-André Dupont
Live electronic music: Clément Destephen

Fabbrica del Vapore
Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 4
5 May, 2019 - 23:00 to 6 May, 2019 - 23:40

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