02 May 2019 to 05 May 2019
02 May 2019 to 05 May 2019

Hallo! - Aydin Teker



In 2013, Gezi, a park in Istanbul, was to be demolished by the government. This sparked a spontaneous wave of protest, which grew massively for a period of time and had dramatic effects.

These protests served as initial inspiration for Turkish choreographer Aydin Teker, but the meaning of the piece has evolved far beyond that. In the end, Hallo! is a performance about not hearing and not being heard.

In the first part of the performance, the audience is put in the centre along with the performer Gizem Aksu. Hearing and listening, yet helpless and disconnected. In the second part, where the audience has the chance to voice their feelings and thoughts about the performance, people reveal how they relate to the piece and how it relates to their lives. Therefore, every performance is a unique and unrepeatable event that changes with the audience.

Genre: Dance
Price: €15 / €10 for under 25, over 65, Touring Club members and Fattoria Vittadini members.

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Choreography: Aydin Teker
Performer: Gizem Aksu

Fabbrica del Vapore
Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 4
5 May, 2019 - 11:00 to 12:00

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