02 May 2019 to 05 May 2019
02 May 2019 to 05 May 2019

Fragile - Fragile Artists/Fattoria Vittadini



Fragile was born as an outdoor urban performance, responding to the urgency of inhabiting desolate and lifeless spaces.

What does "fragile" mean? The first answer for the choreographer and performer Noemi Bresciani is "The fragile is female. What's braver than showing fragility?"

From the choreographic point of view, fragility is strongly connected to the element of earth. In fact, many feelings assumed by the character are connected to the ground: indecision, dissatisfaction, anger, but also spontaneity, ingenuity, love. And the bond with motherhood is also earthly, an image recalled by the belly-watermelon. However, the message is not unique. The invitation that Fragile addresses to us is an invitation to life, to freedom, to the courage of our actions.

Genre: Dance
Price : Free

Direction and performance: Noemi Bresciani

Isola Pepe Verde IPV
Via Guglielmo Pepe, 10
2 May, 2019 - 19:00 to 19:30

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