21 September 2017 to 24 September 2017

Thursday, 21 September


Welcoming coffee and handing out of badges


Welcome by IETM and On Marche

10:10 Presentation of ÉSAV - École Supérieure des Arts Visuels Marrakech by Vincent Melilli
10:40 Presentation of Nafass by On Marche
11:10 Why dance, why Morocco? Presentation by Racines

Presentation of the participants of the Satellite meeting

13:00 Lunch

City Tour

A good understanding of the local context allows us to evaluate its potential. A tour of the city and its cultural centres will offer participants an objective and subjective insight into Marrakech.

A local artist will guide the participants to Le 18, Dar Attakafa, Dar Bellarj Foundation and the Dar Moulay Ali, among other places.


Meeting with the artists who took part in the contemporary dance training programmes of Al Mokhtabar in Marrakesh and Darja in Casablanca

19:00 Presentation of works by the artists from Al Mokhtabar

Friday, 22 September


Welcoming coffee 


What are the training needs to sustain a dance sector in the region? What are the existing training programmes in the region?
Who will be Nafass’ future students? Where will they come from? What will be their background?
What type of professionals will they become?
What type of work environment will allow them to evolve?




What is the link between the artistic, administrative and technical aspects? What are the different scenarios for an academy delivering training in the 3 strands? What should be the balance between the different strands? What kind of professionals will the academy produce (performers, creators, all round artists (with administrative and technical skills)?


Coffee break


What scenario(s) to be developed on Saturday?

18:30 Presentation of works by the students of ÉSAV

Saturday, 23 September


Welcoming coffee


Educational content & teaching methods

What skills should be taught? What will be the composition of the courses between theory and practice, technical training and creation, in and outside the school?

Who will be invited to teach? What will be the impact on the students' artistic language?




Circulation of performing artists and professionals

How to set up a (one-year) exchange programme in terms of partnerships, accreditation, insurance and finances?

What are the opportunities on national and international level?
How to get the students’ training validated by their peers?


Coffee break


Financial structure and development phases

What are the financial and administrative implications for the structure in Morocco?

Should the school award diplomas or certificates?

How can these be validated by the State? What public fundings are available?

Sunday, 24 September


Farewell brunch