02 December 2020 to 03 December 2020
02 December 2020 to 03 December 2020

Artists in conversation


Cultural Adaptations is an action-based research project seeking to find creative, innovative and place-based methods to adapt to climate change. Hear from two of the project artists explore how culture can adapt to the impacts of climate change, and how creative practices can influence and shape cities across Europe in their approach to transformative adaptation. 

Cultural Adaptations is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union with match funding from the Scottish Government.

Cultural Adaptations artists on the panel

Maeve Stone, who is embedded in the partnership of axis arts centre and Codema, explores the role of arts in shaping how Irish society adapts to the impact of climate change. Maeve is a director, writer and activist working in theatre and film. The project is pushing her to discover interesting ways of engaging public imagination around Dublin’s/Codema’s Climate Change Action Plan.

Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert, who is embedded within the City of Ghent and Greentrack Ghent, is helping to implement the city's adaptation plan. Anyuta is a Russian-Belgian artist, who trained as a photographer and multimedia artist. Ghent’s Climate Adaptation Plan has a significant focus on de-surfacing to meet both the challenges of the rising heat stress as well as heavy rainfalls and floods. Anuyta focuses specifically on the de-surfacing project ‘Paul De Smet De Naeyer Park’ where she is looking at and contributing to the participation process involving the neighbourhood in the design and implementation of the climate adaptation plans for this park.

This online session will be automatically captioned in English and translated into 16 languages by Wordly.ai.

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3 December, 2020 - 14:10 to 15:10

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