06 October 2016 to 09 October 2016
06 October 2016 to 09 October 2016

Reclaiming the public space



Arab theatre has a long tradition of performing in public spaces, creating cohesion and raising the idea of citizenship. As a consequence, the South-Med public spaces have often been over taken by the official power. The recent socio-political transformations have shown, on one hand, that it's possible to reclaim the citizen's public space, and revealed on the other, emerging challenges. 

Jisr El Wati
6 October, 2016 - 16:50 to 18:20

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image of Mohab Masoud

Public Space and Contemporary Street Arts
Street Theater in Egypt

General Objective: We aim at enhancing the status of street arts, in terms of their economic and social returns.
Target group: Legislative and executive authorities and local groups Artists and art production bodies.
We notice: The weakness of both the production and legal structure resulting in a decline in the contemporary art practices in the public space.
The problem: Why street arts are not considered as part of the cultural code of ethics and folklore?
The solution: To cooperate with all the stakeholders to set a transparent procedural structure and to establish a fund for supporting production and raising awareness of the culture institutions, encouraging them to produce contemporary street art works.

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