06 October 2016 to 09 October 2016

No Pictures, Please: Queer Theatre in Beirut
Lebanese artist Raphaël Khouri writes about her inability to discuss an incredibly timely and important queer Arab play that she has directed. Read more

Is Art the Best Way to Tell the Truth?
Wael Qadour, playwright and threatre director, not only asks the right questions, but dares to ask them at an unlikely time. While most people today defend artists’ absolute right to express themselves, Wael takes a step back and delivers a nuanced piece on the responsibility of artists and cultural professionals in building and voicing the discourse on freedom of expression.­­ Read more. 

An opposite is made visible by another
Lebanese actress Hanane Hajj Ali writes about her personal and professional encounters that have made her the free woman she is today. With her upcoming work Hanane challenges legal, political, and social censorship and unfailingly reveals herself as an inspiration. Read more.

Number 17 made me a filmmaker
Iraqi film director Mohamed Al Daradji writes about his shocking experience filming in his homeland, how he tamed it and came to be one of the most representative artists of the Arab region. Read more.

History of Censorship in Lebanon
Lebanese journalist and advocate Mona Merhi wrote an article about the history of censorship in Lebanon and its current state of play, paving the way for a deeper reflection on artistic freedoms in the Arab region and beyond. Read more.  

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