06 October 2016 to 09 October 2016

International campaign for Freedom of Expression

From 6 to 9 October, in parallel with our Satellite in Beirut, several organisations and artists from different countries have undertaken activities to help us challenging censorship and promoting freedom of expression across the globe. 

Québec en toutes lettres
7 - 9 October, Canada
From 7 to 9 October, the literary festival Québec en toutes lettres includes in its program activities dedicated to the defense of freedom of expression. A statement in solidarity to artists and writers facing censorship will be read and disseminated among the participants of a public interview with the Haitian novelist Gary Victor, and a round-table on political crime novels.

Artist [safe] Spaces
ArtistSafety.net and ArtsEverywhere are launching a new initiative called 'Artist [safe] Spaces'. The process is both a learning cohort of 15 new safe haven host sites for artists around the world, and will result in an online, Do-it-Yourself curriculum to be shared through the Artist Rights channel on ArtsEverywhere starting in 2017. Find out more.

Chou Sar? (What happened?) documentary by De Gaulle Eid
Lebanese film director De Gaulle Eid gives online access to his film "Shou Sar" (What Happened?) from Wednesday 5 October through Tuesday 8 November 2016. The film was banned by Lebanese General Security for “inciting sectarianism,” on the grounds that it confronts questions of justice and reconciliation that the government would prefer remained unanswered. 

A Way of Knowing dance performance by OONA Project
8 October, Switzerland
Beginning with the notion that things, sounds and people interpenetrate, A Way of Knowing investigates the influence that one body can exert on another. OONA project scrutinises the implications of interpenetrations and the interchange of perspectives both between performers on stage and between the performers and the audience, disclosing the spectators' possible responses to what they experience in the moment of the movement. Find out more.

It’s happening to you too
3 - 9 October, Italy
Political role of the artist, freedom of expression, censorship: words that seem to be very far away from our daily routine. We don’t talk so much about this topics, ‘because they are other countries’ problems”.  But is this really so? Associazione Etre will launch an online campaign, supported by a media partner, companies and artists, addressing the issue of freedom of expression and reporting some cases of censorship in Italy that show us how important is to raise the awareness of the problem.

Artistic intervention by Raafat Majzoub
5 October 2016 
Artistic intervention on Freedom of Expression by Lebanese artist, architect and writer Raafat Majzoub in four main Lebanese newspapers: Al-Akhbar, Assafir, The Daily Star and L'Orient Le Jour. 

Which Freedom of Expression today?
7 - 8 October, France
Talking about our opinions, our thoughts, our questioning is more and more framed and kept under what is politically correct. By choosing our words carefully, and by having an attentive listening especially while building a collective project are the key to the nonviolent communication. How could we adopt this communication today and will it help to protect the freedom of expression? Communication, education, censorship and the role of the artist will be discussed during one week in Limay, Breval and Bonnières (Yvelines – France). Find out more

Festival in Kefallinias Street Theatre
6 - 9 October, Greece
Forever and whatever the circumstances, art will find space to exist. Artists should be creative and stand firmly against any restriction to their freedom. The festival on Freedom of Expression at the Kefallinias Street Theatre Athens will count with screenings, dance performances, discussions and parties. The festival is organised by KART Productions and director Maria Xanthopoulidou. Find out more. 

Performance by Cindy Wegner 
6 - 9 October, Germany
A performative intervention tackling the topic of censorship and asking the public: what is allowed and what is not allowed? The work focuses on the role of recipients and their position between the intruder / border crosser and the performer. Instead of adapting to the rules and the order of an institution Cindy Wegner found the solution in a reverse way: she makes her work unrecognizable, playing with different levels and parameters.

On the Cusp
7 October, Australia
'On The Cusp' aims at bringing freedom to the creative process. It shows works in progress in an environment free of the obligatory outcomes. The purpose of the project is to enable artists to support each other, see each others work and have the opportunity to perform and connect with colleagues from diverse backgrounds -  from experienced choreographers to first time creators. It is also a space for the artists who do not have funding to present a full production, without any pressure and restrictions. 

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