Rewiring the Network - Second online brainstorm session

05 November 2020


On 19 May, more than 130 IETM members participated in a first online brainstorm session as part of Rewiring the Network, our longer trajectory designing a more sustainable future for the performing arts. In this first exercise, participants broke out into 14 groups and  imagined together the preferred sustainable futures on each of the five value frames proposed: human, social, artistic, economic and ecological.

The questions on the agenda were: In 2040, what will be the common practices in the performing arts sector? What will be the core values guiding our work? And what will we have stopped doing?

All the outcomes of the brainstorm have been then digested and clustered into two complete radars accessible to everyone: a radar of all the sustainable future practices and a radar of the future guiding values.

After this first phase of Rewiring the Network, we had a clear idea of our transitions: in other words, we now knew what we wanted to move away from and which explicit practices and values we wanted to be core in the future.

On 5 November 2020, we hosted a second online brainstorm session with our members where we started the next phase of our intensive trajectory. As part of this phase, we discussed how the international performing arts community could implement the transitions and what should be the role that IETM and other accelerators play in the actual transition process.  

The session was moderated by Joris Janssens (IDEA Consult), Delphine Hesters (Independent researcher, advisor and facilitator) and Martina Fraioli (IDEA Consult).