This poll was an indicator which we will use, along with our members' valuable comments, to start designing priorities for our upcoming Creative Europe Network application and for the network at large, as well as our long-term strategy, with our members' continued participation.

Bulding blocks

We summarised the 20 building blocks of the Rewiring the Network report into 10 common strands and asked the 113 members in the room to choose a maximum of 3 strands as priorities for the years to come:



% of voting members who voted for this strand

Rethinking internationalisation and mobility  61 54%
Synergies beyond the arts and impact on society 50 44%
Slow art and space for transformation 47 42%
Fair practices 42 37%
Alternative business models 25 22%
Access and inclusion 24 21%
Artistic value as a core 18 16%
Artists as decision-makers 18 16%
Ecological artistic production 17 15%
Work-life balance 13 12%


We also asked our members to pick a maximum of 3 roles where they see IETM having the most impact on, as a network of diverse members:



% of voting members who voted for this role

Connecting and making change visible 92 81%
Investing in experiments 77 68%
Creating the urgency to change 65 58%
The development of new skills and competences 61 54%
Setting the direction 50 44%