Rewiring the Network: Let's talk future

24 March 2021

Throughout 2020, in collaboration with IDEA Consult, Rewiring the Network was our year-long trajectory where we examined how we, as a network and as a sector, could change our existing methods and habits and discover new ways to work together, internationally. We approached sustainability in a holistic way: from an artistic, ecological, social, human and economic point of view.

After publishing the final Rewiring report, which summarises the main insights and learnings from our trajectory, we invited our members to two identical online sessions. There, we examined the outcomes of Rewiring, and discussed what we should put in focus and set our priorities on in the coming years towards a more sustainable future. 

Both sessions were opened by Joris Janssens, Expert from IDEA Consult, who introduced briefly the outcomes of Rewiring, before opening the floor to members. In this part of the session, the 113 IETM members who joined had the opportunity to have their say on what should be IETM’s priorities in the upcoming years – via an open discussion and a voting moment.

You can find the results of our poll with members here.

Read the final Rewiring report