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Pitchorama 2020 - Further projects

During our IETM Multi-location Plenary Meeting 2020, we organised an online Pitchorama session during which 6 IETM members presented their projects in 5-minute videos before answering questions and getting feedback from participants. You can watch or rewatch the session here.

In addition to the projects that were presented, we are now showcasing further projects whose presenters also applied for the Pitchorama with a view to getting feedback or finding partners:



Eoghan Carrick, Ireland

Deep Fake is an interdisciplinary duet for an audience participant and an algorithm, with the help of a performer. It marries theatre with computer generated metamorphic video and audio in an innovative live theatre performance exploring the twin human obsessions of intimacy and autonomy using the distancing, artificial effects of technology to create an absolutely intimate, human moment.

In a socially distanced theatre, the audience are welcomed to an intimacy coordination workshop in a world where nobody can touch. An audience member is asked to participate. During the performance, their voice and face are recorded and uploaded to the cloud. This information will be used to build an out of body experience for the audience participant ending in a duet with their own deepfake.

The commission is supported by Dublin Fringe Festival, Irish Theatre Institute and Fishamble. We have a guaranteed world premier slot in September 2021 during the Dublin Fringe Festival. 

We are looking for international theatres and festivals interested in developing and programming the work in late 2021 and beyond. We are interested in beginning long term partnerships and collaborations with an international community of makers and promoters.

More infowww.eoghancarrick.com/deepfake


Kaimera Productions, France

OurStory is a new project that was born out of Kaimera’s ongoing SPACES collaborative project, which weaves together the performing arts with the art of storytelling into a place-specific experience, created and performed with each community that hosts it.

At its heart, local residents share real-life stories, which in turn inspire the movement, sound and video content that fuse into a public performance. Preserving the main elements of storytelling and dance, SPACES has been reimagined into OurStory, a performance that merges the virtual and the live site-specific, with socially-distant physical elements that activate our public spaces and new features that inhabit the online realm. The stories of residents are recorded in audio and video and a dancer responds to each story through movement in a public location. Audiences and passersby experience the dance performances at set times and locations and may simultaneously access the recorded stories on their phones. The performance is also filmed and the series of short video “duets” born out of this exchange are shared online to be witnessed virtually.

OurStory is open for contributions, which will all together compile a mosaic of story-dance duets illustrating multiple narratives. 

Contact: [email protected]
More info: www.kaimeraproductions.com

Un Lugar Mejor / A Better Place

Gregor Eistert, Spain

While the media is busy reporting about a global pandemic we get distracted from the biggest problem our generation has to face: global warming. While the actions we take now will determine how future generations will inhabit this planet we still ignore the threat of climate change. Because we are the privileged. We won’t be the first to notice the effects of global warming. The poor will suffer. So it’s easier for us to distract ourselves, to self-optimise. We do yoga and meditation. Mindfully we live in the present moment because this is more comfortable than to face the imminent destruction of our ecosystem.  

Un lugar mejor | A better place is a theatrical experience. The audience visits a mindfulness retreat and immerses itself in a guided meditation. You are here to find inner peace. The troubles of the world don’t have to bother you. But suddenly the illusion crumbles. As much as you’d wish to stay in your comfort zone you cannot ignore what is happening in front of you. As you open your eyes you find yourself in a collage of voices and counter-voices, robotic movement and a barely audible message, that maybe it’s still not too late.

More info: www.gregoreistert.at

I Never Left Montenegro

Silvana Pérez Meix, Spain

I Never Left Montenegro (Yo nunca me he ido de Montenegro) is an auto-fictional solo piece that has never been rehearsed before its premiere. Since its conception, the play has been seen by small audiences five times in unusual performing spaces such as a classrooms, living rooms and stables. For now, it is a short play that will grow with each show until one day, it becomes a full-length play.

I Never left Montenegro is based on a personal experience at the border between Croatia and Montenegro. A humorous piece that reflects on the geographic boundaries, police abuse and both the real and philosophical concept of no man’s land.

Without rehearsal, the rehearsal is the same performance. Each show is a bit longer and different to the previous one because I add new findings, texts, reflections or even changes on the topic. From the stage I control the projections, the light and everything concerning the show.

I am looking for partners, residence spaces and also to get some ideas on possible ways to distribute the project. I would be very interested in getting some feedback and ideas on new places/venues of performance that I could test the project with. 

Contact: [email protected]
More info: www.silvanaperezmeix.com and www.pokayoketeatro.com

Upwording The Future

Rivca Rubin, United Kingdom

The current Tidal Wave holds the potential to abolish all systems of superiority and oppression. 

Our world is riven with division - political, social and cultural - underpinned by how we speak, habitually using concepts and phrases that cultivate hierarchies and uphold inequalities. Upwording radical shift in thinking and how we communicate with ourselves and with each other, and provides the tools by which to do this.

When Upwording we make active shifts in intention and language that facilitate, rather than hinder; creating environments that nurture mutual benefit, autonomy, and responsible living. Our largely lost ability to commune, come together, be community requires that we unlearn, and relearn, new ways of coexisting. Upwording starts with raising awareness of the concepts that underpin our habitual use of words and phrases, and then making active language choices to align our language with our intentions.

We seek to engage with organisations, networks and artists who already or wish to engage in shifting thinking and language; such as the decolonisation of language. 

More info: www.upwording.com, www.rivcarubin.com, www.islingtonmill.com, www.grandreunion.net.

Le Cabinet des Croyances

Karnabal, France

Karnabal is a french company performing in public spaces, with particular focus on urban and rural places, their inhabitants, and ways to transfigure both of them.

Ever since its creation in 2009, the art of manipulation is always at play. Puppets and figures, objects, bodies, words and rumors will be on stage - and other stuff we are made of. Our plays are meant for a non specialist and potentially international audience.

Our second strong suit is environment. Most of our projects - installations, films and shows - are conceived for specific sites and are therefore the result of fruitful exchanges with the people that live there. We also work in close connection with local partners.

For 2021, we plan an installation project, "Le Cabinet des Croyances", gathering few pieces from our previous work and new ones, in a room set for a small audience (8-10 personnes). This "entresort" will be in an invitation to travel into our beliefs. We'll play with optical and auditive illusions. As always, we'll be digging into a documentary material.

This interactive exhibition is willing to include local artists' works matching our theme, wherever it takes place. We are also interested about simultenous performances in different locations.

Contact: [email protected]
More info: www.compagniekarnabal.com


Basita.live, United Arab Emirates

Basita.live is a virtual venue; an income-generating platform that connects creators, institutions, and theatres, with their audiences virtually and globally.
Our objectives are to provide a safe and secured virtual platform for the cultural sector to share its content; provide a tool for the cultural sector to maintain, be resilient, and self-sustained financially during turbulent times and beyond; provide a tool for the cultural sector to maintain relationships, and enable it to engage, with its audiences virtually and globally; provide the necessary actual data for the cultural sector to analyse audience behavior given the changing social dynamics, in order to create informed future strategic plans.

On Basita.live, artists are able to create a profile and start self-organising their interventions and events. The platform allows them to use the ticketing system to sell viewing or participation fees. Artists can also keep their content online for audiences to view at a later date upon purchasing a ticket for the time they want. They have access to detailed audience reports with which they can study audience demographics and their changing behaviour. Along with these insights, artists will be able to generate income during turbulent times and keep going if situations with health precautionary measures remain in place for longer periods.
Contact: [email protected]
More info: www.basita.live and promo video

The Hole

Bron Batten, Australia

The Hole is a durational participatory performance and evolving installation created by award-winning artists from across Australia and Canada.
The project involves manually digging a very large hole over the course of several days, assisted by members of the public, and then filling it in again. The work requires a minimal amount of infrastructure and can be easily staged anywhere there’s an open civic space, garden or city park.
The Hole exists at the outer edges of performance, participation and public art. It is at once a cutting-edge experimental installation, a land art sculpture, an absurd ritual and a unique form of community collaboration.
The final act is to ceremoniously re-fill The Hole with the public who have helped to create it. We will erase all the evidence of the effort we exerted, leaving nothing behind but the temporal, inter-personal community of diggers and the memory of the work itself.
The Hole
galvanises its audience towards a unifying outcome that they can contribute to regardless of age, race, class or gender.
The Hole has been presented at The Falls Festival in Australia, The Performing Arts Festival (PAF) in Berlin and the prestigious Prague Quadrennial in the Czech Republic.

Contact: [email protected]
More: www.instagram.com/theholecollective


Adapted by Abigail Akavia, Germany

This new English version of Sophocles’ Philoctetes, with an original musical score for three actors-soloists and a chorus of seven, reimagines the story of the heroic outcast, a man of colossal suffering and perseverance, caught in a net of lies spun by his former comrades. Through language that ranges from colloquial to lyric, and contemporary music in genres including rock, folk, and gospel, this adaptation seeks to revive one of the fundamental tenets of Greek drama—theatrical experience mediated by the ‘crowd’, the singing and dancing chorus—to probe the group dynamics of ethical action.

Philoctetes deals with our ability to recognize the physical and emotional pain of others, even when they repel us. Its dramatisation of the isolation brought on by disease and the difficulties of social reintegration gains a particular poignancy in our new age of COVID-19. My work examines our ability, as individuals within a group, to react with compassion to suffering and injustice, and offers a new vision of tragedy as a collective art form.

I would like to connect with artists and producers interested in collaborations that challenge the boundaries of tragedy, musical theater, opera, and dance.

More info: http://philoctetes.abigailakavia.com/

Studio Total

Jalostamo², Finland

Studio Total is a theatre, but also much more. It is an artistic duo that calls artists to collaborate. 

The independent Finnish theatre group Jalostamo² reshapes itself into a new format and changes its name to Studio Total. The group focuses on working internationally with artists on creating collaborative works.

International artistic collaboration has been the at the center of the work of artistic leaders Anna Lipponen and Petri Tuhkanen. Although Studio Total is based in Helsinki, as a theatre it is everywhere, where its performances are created. 

Studio Total is not a new theatre but a new chapter in the group's artistic development where we take a stand in a new productional context. These globally particular times enable us to transform the new normal truly into a new chapter and new attitude that accentuate our existing ambitious artistic direction. 

The artistic goal of Studio Total is to break boundaries, shatter glass ceilings, pop the bubble. Each artistic process determines a new boundary to break – not by violence but determination. The boundaries can be artistic, practical, utopian, or embedded in the production process. It means leaving our comfort zone – to aspire towards something new. 

Total Passion, Total Theatre, Total Art.

More infowww.studiototal.org

The Boarding School - Sisters Academy

Sisters Hope, Denmark

Sisters Academy - The Boarding School is a radically new and cutting-edge performance format, in which the audience-participants enrol as students in this ‘school of a Sensuous Society’ for at least 24 hours. Besides participation in Sensuous Learning classes, the stay includes a night in the school dormitory and co-exploring a potential future in a Sensuous Society governed by the aesthetic rather than the current economic rationality.

The performing ‘Sisters staff’ live at the school in their ‘Poetic Self’ during the entire period. This is not a character, but rather an expression of inherent poetic potential. Through this performance-method the audience-participants doesn’t engage with a fiction that they cannot penetrate but are invited to co-explore their own Poetic Self while carving the path towards a Sensuous Society.

The performance has among other won the VISION-price and is widely acclaimed. As expressed by Delholm, Hotel Pro Forma; “Unforgettable … so consequently made, so beautiful, so deeply human … It needs your time, your tenderness and openness. It is a demanding piece of artwork, but if you surrender, it will stay with you forever … I am so thankful that you gave this experience to us … I have not seen anything like it.”

We are looking for potential co-producing partners globally. Feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries. 

Contact info: [email protected] 
More info: www.sistershope.dk, www.sistersacademy.dk