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01 April 2017 to 31 March 2021

In the framework of PAT II, we have been organising a series of inspiring events and commissioning multiple articles and publications, all aiming at providing a solid base for the sector through exploring the social status of the artist, enhancing the capacity of the sector to create sustainable organisations, to undertake fair practices and to reach out to a wider slice of society.

Here is a list of the past and ongoing activities and publications carried out as part of the PAT II project:


  • 8 Plenary meetings in Rijeka, Hull, Munich, Porto, Brussels, Bucharest, and 3 more cities yet to come, each bringing together up to 800 participants from over 40 countries to reflect on issues of the performing arts sector and to create new meaningful partnerships, with a total of 160 working sessions during which 240 project proposals are being pitched.
  • 7 Satellite meetings in Milan, Wales, Kyiv, Cairo, Marrakesh and 2 more cities yet to come, exploring the contemporary performing arts scene in specific countries, enhancing opportunities for international mobility and cooperation, and building relations with countries of origin of migrants and refugees coming to Europe, with up to 400 participants and including 70 working sessions.
  • 4 Caravans in Palestine, Tbilisi & Yerevan and 2 more destinations yet to come, exploring and connecting with emerging contemporary performing art scenes throughout the world, with up to 120 participants in total.
  • 4 Editions of IETM Campus, started by the PAT I project, in Eleusis, Fuzine, Polverigi, and one more city to come, providing intense training opportunities in all aspects of working internationally for young performing arts professionals, with around 100 participants and including 40 training sessions.
  • 3 On the Road meetings in Porto, Valencia and Amsterdam.

Publications and articles

Staff Exchange

PAT II allows our Staff Exchange Programme to keep thriving since its successful implementation in the framework of PAT I, giving the opportunity to our members to exchange desks with an employee of another member organisation, and to host a professional from abroad. The programme helps to learn different working practices and professional cultures, and exchange know-how with international peers.